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The fabric is made from washed denim, and the fabric is used to show the effect of natural fading for years. The rivets and press buttons of the jeans emit a dark, golden luster. The front pocket embroidered with yellow Tommy logo, waist decorated with Tommy canvas signage, highlighting the brand characteristics. Whatsapp: +86 170 7775 6152 Email: QQ: 1323036589 Wechat: hotbrandsale site: Ins: skype: hotbrandsale If you need any help, please keep free to contact with us. AliExpress Purchase link: ★★★★★ important ★★★★★★ Pls notice the model number and colors, Choose correct model number and correct colors to buy the Tommy!If you not sure, you can contact me(Whatsapp: +86 170 777 56152)before you buy! DON'T write any information in order. DON'T contact me on aliexpress,if you have any question, contact me by whatsapp. DON'T leave feedback after transaction completed. if Tommy unfortunately damage during transportation,pls contact me by whatsapp, I will try my best to solve the problem. thank you!

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